John Mitchell - Artist Statement


"When I go to my lathe to create an object, I am working with a solid block of wood that has probably taken several hundreds of years to grow. I know that I only have the one chance to create something from that piece of wood therefore I feel a responsibility to do justice in creating an object which also complements the wood itself. A potter can remould a piece of clay if needs be, I have just that one chance. Furthermore I see these creations as items that will be cared for by the custodians and will be handed down through generations to come."


Early in John's wood turning, he explored the avenues of treen, such as salt and pepper mills and salad bowls, for home and friends. One day he realised the type of turning he wanted to specialise in. He scaled up, got a larger workshop, a larger lathe and started buying in whole trees. Now he focuses mainly on large, one-of-a-kind vases, bowls, platters, hollow forms and more recently wall sculptures. Sometimes he likes to add drama and interest by incorporating additional features such as metals, ceramics, carving, colour, bleaching or even burning (ebonising) areas of the wood.


Wall Sculptures / Wall Hangings came about when John realised that there was another alternative to filling wall spaces with picture art in homes and public buildings. For example, tapestries have been shown on walls for many centuries usually taking up large areas of walls. Wood has now been proved a wonderful media in its natural form or enhanced as described above. John has taken this opportunity to show his form of art and has adapted and combined some or all these other forms of enhancements into his wall sculptures/wall hangings.


Wall Platters are large platters, when not in use, they can be hung on the wall as works of art the same way as the wall sculptures above. Although their main use is on the table top for decoration or holding fruit etc, they are equally at home kept on the wall as art.


Floor bowls are extra large bowls and if there is no other use for them then they can be left on the floor for storage of news papers, magazines or what ever use one can think of.